Your Inner Knowing

By Mysterious Skyn (oh mother.) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsAs a mother-to-be,
you can tune into your own INNER KNOWING.

This Knowing is the crux of your journey toward motherhood.

When you find her, your authentic self, it will not matter how your birth unfolds, naturally or not.

It will be just right, for you and for your baby. 

Your Inner Knowing is right there in the heart of each of you.
It is the still place, the eye of the storm of daily life, where your authentic self dwells. 

Natural childbirth is not a myth.

Most women CAN do it, when they are supported by loving, skilled BirthKeepers (Midwives, Doctors, Doulas, Nurses & caring family).

This is not to say there are easy answers or simple solutions. 

By Sean McGrath from Saint John, NB, Canada (Mother to Be) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Your Inner Knowing will reveal the most valuable medical advice.

The most important healing gift your doctor and midwives can give you is so simple:


Search for a midwife and/or a doctor who will become your partner-in-health, by sharing knowledge, and supporting your feeling of safety. Surround yourself with friends, family and healthcare providers who BELIEVE in you.

As you find your own Inner Knowing, most pregnancy discomforts can be resolved and released, and your health will soar. Un-build the fortress that helped you survive traumas, and let down your guard so your oxytocin may flow. Prepare your heart to arrive for your childbirth experience, dressed in your authentic self, ready to open and become a mother, as nature intended it.

How I found my own Inner Knowing: A personal story from Ibu Robin Lim


My spirit guide is with me. My Conscious mind is Awakened!

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