The First Visit

The first trimester sets the stage for the rest of your pregnancy.

You may have several “first visits,” as you meet with various care providers, ultimately selecting someone who will guide you through pregnancy and the delivery.

Items to discuss with your care provider at the first prenatal visit:

  • Any medications prescribed by a Doctor as well any over-the-counter medicines you take regularly
  • Any Vitamin or Herbal Supplements in your diet
  • Complications experienced during any past pregnancies, including Cesarean Sections
  • Other health concerns such as problems with blood sugar or blood pressure


  • Blood work – To find our your blood type and Rh factor, establish nutritional deficiencies and overall health.
  • Pap Smears are sometimes done if you are not up to date
  • Urinalysis to check for infection
  • Blood pressure is checked at each visit
  • More about which tests are necessary

Lifestyle Changes

Just as important are the steps you can take on your own regardless of whom you chose as a care provider.  Some women find that they are more motivated to make lifestyle changes during pregnancy because they are doing it for their unborn child.

  • Pregnancy is a great time to drop bad habits – Smoking, drinking alcohol, chemical drugs
  • Develop a healthy diet if you are not already eating well
  • Establish an exercise routine – Exercise can help you feel better and have more energy during your pregnancy as well as prevent problems with blood sugar and blood pressure. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and increase your endurance during the birth. Exercise is good for your baby too. When you exercise your baby will get more oxygen pumped to him or her. Women who exercise during pregnancy have a quicker recovery after their baby is born.

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