Placenta Prints

Placenta_print 2Another way to engage with your placenta after the birth is as an expression of creativity, found in the beauty of ourselves, the placenta print.

The surface of the placenta is alive with texture and multi-layered surfaces, the essence of block printing. Imprinted on to paper, we see the form of the placenta delivering delightful imagery, often bringing to mind the tree of life.


  • First wash the placenta and pat dry.
  • Then apply paint to the shiny side of the placenta.
  • Next put the paper on the placenta and press lightly.
  • Peel the paper off of the placenta.
  • Hang paper to dry

If you also want to encapsulate the placenta, be sure to use a non-toxic paint that can be washed off the placenta after the print is made.

Another option is to make the print with the blood that is on the placenta and not use paint.




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