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Deborah Flowers RN CP Ibu Robin Lm CPMIbu Robin Lim and Deborah Flowers are Certified Professional Midwives and friends.
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After working as a team for a home birth in 2016, they were inspired to continue working together on a new project called Awakening Birth, Awakening Family, in an effort to call attention to the care of mothers, babies and their families, and the sanctity of birth as a basic human right.


Deborah Flowers, RN CPM, received her training and has worked as a midwife for 30+ years at The Farm Midwifery Center in Summertown, Tennessee.

She moved to The Farm, considered the largest and one of most successful intentional communities in the world, in 1973, where both of her children were born at home delivered by the community’s midwives.
The stories of her births are recounted in the best selling bookSpiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives, and her photo appears as one of the community’s midwives in current editions.

Deborah spent two years in Guatemala working in disaster relief after an earthquake, and seven months in Belize training women from 12 Mayan villages about women’s health and skills in midwifery.

In addition to serving as a midwife, Deborah also teaches and does classes in neonatal resuscitation,  breast feeding, cultural competency, and more, The Farm Midwifery Workshops.

Visit her web site http://farmmidwife.com/

Ibu Robin Lim, CPM, is the founder of Bumi Sehat, a free clinic and birth center in Bali, Indonesia.

In 2011 she was recognized as the CNN Hero of the Year, and has received many other honors and awards.

She is the author of several books, including After the Baby’s Birth…A Woman’s Way to Wellness, and The Geometry of Splitting Souls. Her newest book, The Ecology of Gentle Birth has just been released in 2016.

Videos of Robin Lim

In this short video, Certified Professional Midwives Ibu Robin Lim of Bumi Sehat Clinic in Bali, Indonesia and Deborah Flowers, from The Farm Midwifery Center, share their personal stories and discuss their calling to become advocates of mothers, babies and gentle birth.

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