Healthy Tips While YOU Are Pregnant

by Robin Lim

  • Drink plenty of pure water.
  • Eat green vegetables everyday… Organically grown if possible.
  • Eat fresh fruit as often as possible… Remember to eat a rainbow of colors.
  • Eat protein every morning and evening; like eggs, fish, chicken, organic meats, nuts, seeds in combination with whole grains, organic dairy products like: cheese – not the soft cheeses, yogurt, milk if your body tolerates it.
  • Include healthy fats in your diet: butter & cheeses from grass fed cows, olive & coconut oil.
  • Eat 3 or 4 or more meals a day, 2 is not enough!
  • Take an organic prenatal vitamin & mineral supplement, that includes folate (not folic acid), everyday.
  • Avoid foods and spices that contain MSG, also called Vitsin, this flavor enhancer is a poison.
  • Choose wholesome natural staple foods, like red or brown rice, quinoa, barley, millet, oatmeal, hearty dark whole wheat bread.
  • Cut back on eating sweets, craving sweet foods means your body needs protein. Sugar interferes with the insulin balance in your body and inhibits how your assimilate fat. Don’t diet, if you are worried about your weight, cut back on sweets.
  • Foods like yogurt, kefir and naturally made sauerkraut, contain probiotics and are very healthy for your digestion. Bonus: Healthy digestion helps to inspire healthy mental health.
  • Take a nice walk every morning and evening.
  • Think happy thoughts… it helps make your baby smarter, really!
  • Sing to the baby in your belly, baby hears you and loves it! This is an important job for your partner, baby can hear the voice more clearly, that can get closer to baby-belly.
  • See your midwife for regular prenatal check-ups, so she can help reassure you and help you stay healthy.
  • Conception to 28 weeks: Monthly prenatal check-ups
  • 29 to 35 weeks: Check-up every two weeks
  • > 35 weeks gestation: Weekly check-ups, or more often if indicated
  • Choose a midwife and/or a doctor who you trust, who cares about you, believes in you, and who shares your vision for what your birth can be, should everything unfold in a natural healthy way…
  • Plan to have your birth in a clean place nearby your home, (or at home) which has a very low rate of cesarean births.
  • Hold this in your heart… that most women can birth in a normal healthy way. BELIEVE

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