Frst Embrace

At the moment of birth, babies naturally grasp for mother, and mother should be right there, supported by her birth team, to receive her baby.

Whenever possible, the first embrace, skin to skin between mother and baby, should be, not just allowed, but encouraged!


Even if the baby needs resuscitation, there need not be a traumatic separation. Neonatal resuscitation can happen beside the mother, between her legs, or on a special NNR table that rolls right up to the birth bed, allowing Neonatal Resuscitation, close to mother, with intact umbilical cord, which is optimal for baby.

All too often the baby is born, within seconds the umbilical cord is clamped and cut and baby is taken away for drying, weighing, measuring, and warming. Guess what? Baby does not care what he or she weighs. She/he only wants to be in the embrace of Mother, where Nature intended babies to be, skin-to-skin, with the familiar warmth, welcoming voice and loving gaze of Mother. For an arriving baby, Mother is the Universe, the source of all love and nourishment.

“When the Baby is separated from mother, it’s like s/he’s landed on an alien planet.” Deborah Flowers

You may find your baby is ready to breast feed immediately after birth. Again, this also should be, not just allowed, but encouraged!

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