Awakening Journey

jennifer-500Only the miracle of birth has the ability to transform our lives so profoundly.

The very essence of pregnancy and birth requires that we must move beyond our self and dedicate our energy to another being, totally dependent on us for every need.

We are filled with a love that touches us deeper than anything we have ever known.

Everything we do from the moment of conception forward is part of a larger reality, encompassing a future beyond our grasp, one for which we carry a tremendous responsibility.

It is the recognition of this expanded awareness… to create change in ourselves, in everyone we touch, and in the world as a whole, that we call, “Awakening Birth.”

We believe that to heal humanity, and ultimately, to save our beloved Mother Earth, and our species from extinction, we must start at the beginning… birth, the genesis of all earth keepers.

The care we provide for mothers and babies, fathers and families, for our extended family and our communities defines our humanity.

We believe we are on the cusp of a great awakening, as people all across the world acknowledge that our connection to each other is more powerful than that which keeps us apart.

Welcome to Awakening Birth, a place to share, a place to grow!

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