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The Awakening Birth Podcast episodes include:

Your Path to Motherhood

Find Your Own Inner Knowing

Find Your Own Inner Knowing

This Knowing is the crux of your journey toward motherhood. When you find her, your authentic self, it will not matter how your birth unfolds, naturally or not. It will be just right, for you and for your baby.
Prenatal Care Lays the Foundation

Prenatal Care Lays the Foundation

Your choice of care provider includes the care you will receive throughout your pregnancy. It is important that they share your values and a belief in you, acting as a guide drawing from a depth of knowledge and experience.
Discover the Wonders of Water Birth

Discover the Wonders of Water Birth

Laboring and even giving birth in water has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of natural pain relief. Now utilized in most birth centers and even in many hospitals, the water birth is a welcome alternative to drugs and spinal blocks.

Meet the Founders

deb-robinDeborah Flowers of The Farm Midwifery Center and Ibu Robin Lim of the Bumi Sehat Foundation, share their story and the inspiration that lead to the the creation of Awakening Birth.

Our Story

The Founders Story video

Welcome to Mothering, the most essential significant important job on the planet.

It is necessary to become a heroine to become a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding and mothering are outstanding achievements. Being a mom is a superpower. Yet, it is the softest most open-hearted endeavor in the world.

It is our hope that Awakening Birth will be like a shining star that guides your way home.

Learn more about Deborah Flowers, her midwifery services, and giving birth to you your baby at The Farm Community.

Learn More about Ibu Robin Lim, and the Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bali, Indonesia.